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A Fellow Craft Degree and a 55 Year Courtesy Investiture for the Grand Lodge of Florida.

By: Burx Norrod, Senior Warden for
Sandoval Lodge No. 76

Sandoval 76

On February 26, a significant event unfolded at Sandoval Lodge—a 55-year pinning and Fellowcraft Degree. Despite anticipating a bustling evening with the FC Degree, EA Proficiency return, Nico’s Food Truck, and the usual lodge activities, WM Davin Teague received an unexpected call from the Grand Lodge of Florida. They requested a courtesy 55-Year Pining for a member, Brother Warren, residing in New Mexico.

Though our Visitor initially intended to collect the pin and certificate and head home, the Lodge persuaded Bro. Warren to stay for our Stated Communications. MWB Dan Irick conducted a touching ceremony, bringing tears to the Brother’s eyes. Freemasonry had been a cherished family tradition, with his father and grandfather being Masons before him.

The ceremony concluded with WM Davin pinning the 55-Year Pin on the Brother, escorted out by Junior Deacon Bro. Jonathan Muniz to take his wife home. This marked the beginning of Bro. Benjamin Cote’s return of the Entered Apprentice Proficiency. His interest in Freemasonry’s esoteric aspects, rooted in his family’s tradition of being members of the Rosicrucians and similar esoteric societies, made his conversations delve into profound philosophical dimensions.

Following the satisfactory return of Bro. Benjamin’s proficiency, which received Lodge approval, we proceeded to confer a Fellowcraft Degree. The evening involved not one, not two, but three hats: WM Davin Teague as the Master, Bro. Burx Norrod conferring the Degree, and WB Leon Alderette delivering the G Lecture. MWB Dan Irick provided the Staircase Lecture, while WB Eric Moses delivered the FC Charge. Keeping members engaged in each Degree contributes to the Lodge’s remarkable activity, hosting two Stated Communications a month and giving our members, visitors, guests, and sponsored bodies good and true work to enjoy.

Brother Benjamin, Fellow Craft
Brother Benjamin, Fellow Craft

Adding to the eventful evening, the Lodge voted on Fellowcraft Bro. Cesario Alvillar’s proficiency which he returned the evening before during the FC Degree practice. Sandoval Lodge members plan to travel to Union Lodge No. 4 in Wagon Mound on March 19 to confer his Third Degree, aiming to make it a truly memorable experience. Bro. Cesario has himself been a very active member of the Lodge, having had an article of his published in the Grand Lodge Trestleboard as an Entered Apprentice, and will be the Instructor for the ‘sold out’ CPR/AED Training being given at Sandoval Lodge on March 3rd.

These memorable events were captured by RWB Steve Balke with his stunning photography skills.

Sandoval Lodge No. 76 meets on the 2nd and 4th Mondays of the month at 7pm with a Festive board beforehand at 6pm. To visit – email SW Bro. Burx at BurxNorrod@gmail.com.At Sandoval Lodge on 2/26/2024

Editor’s Note: You might recognize Brother Ben, he – as an Entered Apprentice – has already contributed to this newsletter. “The Mystery of Memory” (Click here to read it) shows that his journey is well started.

What a warm welcome I received from Sandoval Lodge – as usual! Thank you! Great Fraternity, great Work, great time!

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