7th Masonic District

By: Chuck Bass
District Deputy Grand Master

The 7th District is comprised of:

  • Sacramento #24,
  • Tularosa #49,
  • Carrizozo #41,
  • Ruidoso #73,
  • Kingston #16
  • Bethesda #64.
Chuck Bass, District Deputy Grand Master, District 7

I have made visits at Sacramento, Tularosa, Carrizozo, and Ruidoso of course as it is my home Lodge. I am looking forward to visiting Bethesda and Kingston in the upcoming months. With these 2 lodges being added to District 7, I am excited to meet and get to know these Brothers.
The 7th District has some upcoming events that we would like to let everyone know about:

  • On Saturday June 10th, Carrizozo Lodge is having the annual Lincoln Lodge at Lincoln N.M. The great cowboy meal prepared by Carrizozo Lodge will be at 5:00pm and the Lodge will be Opened after that. This year the Lodge will be opened and closed by Albuquerque #60. If you have not attended this Lodge, you are in for a treat. It is what an 1800 era Lodge would look like, right down to the furniture.
  • An upcoming event is the Turn of the century Lodge in October at Kingston Lodge. This is another 1800 era Lodge, with great food, and dressing up in in period clothing is encouraged. More information on this event  will be forthcoming.

I have attended both events, and they are like stepping back in a time machine.
The 7th District Lodges are some of the most inviting and friendly Lodges I’ve attended, of course I may be biased. I personally invite you to attend any of our Lodges if in the area. Most of the Lodges in the District are performing degrees and making Masons.

Of course, the other event happening in this District is MWB Tom’s  Grand Lodge in March 2024. It will be at the Inn of The Mountain Gods. The name says it all. You cannot afford to miss this Grand Lodge. I thank you for taking the time to learn about the 7th District. If you have any questions or are in this area, please contact me.

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