A Strong Foundation

By: Thomas L. Schenk
Grand Master of Masons in New Mexico


Our Masonic Family Relies on Your Continued Lodge Participation.

Thomas L. Schenk Grand Master of Masons in New Mexico

Brethren All,

This year is well underway, so many things to do, and so little time to do it. Recently I’ve had the great opportunity to spend time with our Lodges, Masonic appendant bodies and youth groups. What an amazing family we have. The level of dedication to each craft is truly remarkable and is to be complimented. A question has been asked of the participants at each event, “Wt cm u hr t d ?” And of course, the common answer has been “T lrn t sbdu m psns & t imprv mslf I M”. That statement is so true, to improve oneself in Masonic knowledge is to improve oneself in life.

As a builder, I like to put things into building terms. By taking part in the appendant bodies, we are essentially “adding on” to our masonic house with more knowledge and material, material which can add a lot of additional weight or stress to our masonic foundation. That foundation of course is the blue lodge. As craftsmen we must be able to build a structure that can support its own weight and stand the test of time. Adding on to our masonic structure comes with great responsibility. As we build higher and higher, we must always take into consideration the foundation and remember that is the most important part, and always support it. For without it, the building might collapse.

While attending the 200th anniversary of the Grand Lodge of Missouri, from which we received our charter, I heard something meaningful that I would like to share with you,

“As individuals, we are destined to be the ghosts of the future, but our efforts will be remembered long after our names are forgotten. It is through Masonic Ritual that we are able to connect with the past, present, and future. This transcendence is made possible because we have the knowledge and assurance of being recognized as Masons through all the ages of mankind, and all our efforts are to BUILD upon those who came before us”.

I would like to thank the following for all their hospitality and support during my visits in May:

Felix No. 29, Temple No. 6, Valley of Scottish Rite Santa Fe, Tularosa No. 49, Carrizozo No. 41, Sacramento No. 24, Ballut Abyad Shrine, and Sandoval No. 76.

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