Budget Requests DUE

We have systems and timelines working for us!

Charles (Chuck) Bass
District Deputy Grand Master – District 7
Accounts, Ways and Means Chair

Accounts Ways and Means Committee, is a Committee to which shall be referred to the accounts of all officers and all matters pertaining to the finances of the Grand Lodge including the budget submitted by the Grand Secretary, as per Code 50 (a).

The committee uses the revenue listed in Code 60 REVENUE, Code 62 Grand Lodge Funds, and builds the budget for the allowances listed in Code 61. Code 61 (h) states that any Grand Lodge committee requesting funds other than routinely budgeted amounts shall submit such requests to the office of the Grand Secretary on or before July 1 preceding the Budget Meeting. The purpose of this is so the Committee is able to have all expenditures in hand to allow time for the Committee to produce a proposed budget for the craft.

Recently the Grand Lodge has started tracking expenditures for each line item in the budget. This last year having these numbers helped to make a more realistic budget. Each year we get these numbers I believe the budget will become tighter and tighter. Lastly on another note when you request funds please give a breakdown of the amount you are requesting. It doesn’t have to be super detailed just what the money is spent on, travel, supplies, presentations, ect. I want to thank the IT committee for doing this last year, it made the amount requested easy to explain when the question came up, all I did was read the list.

Thank you in advance for following these Codes and requests. It has been an honor to be asked to serve the Craft. Please contact me with any questions or concerns.

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