Lifelong Learning AND Doing to Become Better.

By: Robin Justice
Senior Grand Warden

Robin Justice


A craftsman is defined as one who creates or performs with skill and dexterity. When we refer to ourselves as craftsmen, we are declaring that we are working to practice the principles of Freemasonry with skill and dexterity, and to make use of those tools we are given to improve ourselves as Masons.

A craftsman is one who understands the tools he makes use of. He knows how and when to use each one, and by doing so, provides the best result he can. He understands the qualities of the material he is working with, its strengths and weaknesses, and how to emphasize the strength while minimizing or removing any weakness.

A craftsman spends his life working to improve his skills, and to increase his knowledge. A true craftsman is willing to pass that knowledge on to those who are willing to learn, so that they can benefit from his experience.

As Masons, we have a duty to improve ourselves. We need to always improve our skill in using the tools of Freemasonry as we are taught in our degrees. We need to understand our own strengths and weaknesses, and to increase the former while eliminating the latter.

We owe it to our Brethren to assist them in their development as craftsmen. Remember those who gave of their time and knowledge to help make you a better Mason. Remember those qualities they exhibited that you found worth emulating. And my Brothers, remember that just as you are a better man today because of them, so do those who are newer to our Fraternity look to you as examples of what it means to be a Freemason. And those of you who are now starting your journey need to remember that those who come behind you will look to you the same way.

We are builders. We must always remember that. Everything we do should be to the edification of ourselves and those who are our Brothers, and to promote Freemasonry.

Take care my Brothers. I look forward to seeing you in Lodge. May the Supreme Architect of the Universe bless you and all you love.

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