Hawaii Wildfire Relief Appeal

MCFNM November 2023

Masonic Charity Foundation of New Mexico

The Masonic Charity Foundation of New Mexico (MCF) Board Members recognized the needs of the Hawaii Wildfire Relief Appeal.  Grand Master Dustin T. Verity of Hawaii has requested the Masonic Service Association of North America (MSA) to issue this Disaster Relief Appeal.

The MCF Board members approved a donation of $20,000.00 to go to the Hawaii Wildfire Disaster Relief Appeal.  The Board members also approved matching funds for Lodges (or brethren) of New Mexico making donations to aid the island of Maui.  The Board members limited the matching funds donations to the first $10,000.00.

The needs of the people on Maui caused by the Hawaii Wildfire still exist.  Remember, many members lost some of their families, their homes, their jobs, their way of life.  Brethren, we can still offer assistance.

The process of making donations to aid the Hawaii Wildfire Disaster Relief Appeal are:

  • A lodge (or brethren) sends a donation to Masonic Charity Foundation of New Mexico.
  • The MCF collects donations (restricted for the Hawaii Wildfire Relief Appeal.)
    • The donations do not affect the Lodge money available for MCF Matching Funds Requests in New Mexico. ($5,000.00 limit)
    • A letter of thanks will be sent to the Lodge (or brethren) who have made a donation.
  • The MCF will send the money collected from the donations to the MSA Disaster Relief Program to Hawaii, along with a letter listing the Lodges (or brethren) that donated and the amounts of their donations.

Please send your donations payable to Masonic Charities Foundation of New Mexico, PO Box 25004, Albuquerque, New Mexico 87125-0004.  Any questions, call Dennis R. Detrow, Secretary at 505-350-3430.  The MCF thanks the Lodges (or brethren) for their participation!

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