Prudent and Prosperous in 2024

Let’s Lead ALL of Our Lodges to Participate.

By: Committee on Jurisprudence

Happy New Years from Juris Prudence!

Along with the New Year comes those dreaded New Years Resolutions.

Congratulations to all the newly installed officers of the constituent Lodges of New Mexico. Just a friendly reminder of the obligation that each of us took to “promise a regular attendance on the committees and communications of the Grand Lodge, on receiving proper notice, and to pay attention to all the duties of Masonry, on convenient occasions”.

Last year many Lodges were not represented at the Annual Communication, and for some, this potentially puts them in violation of:

 Code. 125 FORFEITURE OF CHARTER. (Which states),

When a Lodge fails to meet for (12) consecutive months or fails to file the Annual Return on or before the 1st day of February for two (2) consecutive years or to pay per capita dues for two (2) consecutive years, or fails to have a voting member or proxy in attendance at three (3) Annual Communications, it shall there by forfeit its Charter and it shall not thereafter resume labor except by authority of the Grand Lodge or Grand Master.

At this past Annual Budget meeting in November, the Credentials Committee reported that sixteen (16) Lodges were not represented to exercise their voting rights in approving the 2024-2025 Budget Cycle. These are concerning statistics even with the option of attending via ZOOM.

Brethren all, let’s begin this New Year and take the steps needed to return Freemasonry in New Mexico to its intended glory, both within the Lodge as well as out of the Lodge, and together be proud of our accomplishments.

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