Put the “ME” in Freemasonry

Choose to act regularly, regularly, … daily.

By: Gary Scott
Grand Orator

Gary Scott

I have enjoyed being a Freemason for nigh on 46 years now and can still remember that fateful day in 1978 when I Freely and Voluntarily advanced one regular step on a fruitful journey of growth, maturity, and character building with the help of my brethren and family and friends.  I’m sure we Brothers have fond memories of our first introduction into a lifetime of behavioral adjustment… and look where we are today!

During my time as a Freemason, I have served in several capacities from Chaplain to Worshipful Master, to District Deputy Grand Master and District Deputy Grand Lecturer, Venerable Master of the Lodge of Perfection and Knight Commander of the Court of Honor 32°of the Scottish Rite Valley of Santa Fe, and they all cut another stone out of the quarry.

As I conferred the degrees and performed ritual work in our craft, I was always astounded as to how our words haven’t changed in our centuries of existence… words have meaning… or else we wouldn’t be memorizing them.  The Masonic rituals are the tools of our craft and instill the education we need to correct our corruptible ways as human beings.  We pride ourselves on making good men, better men.

However, I see many men who hold the Dues Card as proof of their freemasonry membership, but they seldom attend our meetings, and at times may show up only for the supper then leave.  They are good men, otherwise they would not have been accepted into our Ancient Free and Accepted brotherhood… however if they remain concealed from learning, we can NEVER make them any better than what they already are.  I see that as the shame of a card-carrying, non-participating Mason.

It’s one thing to say you’re a Mason, but it’s much better to ACT as a Freemason…. Thus, you never have to say you are one, your actions reflect that automatically.  We know Brotherhood is in slow decline in-so-far as membership is concerned, but it will come down to higher Quality that is important.  Remember, a Lodge is a certain number of Brothers… NOT A STRUCTURE. 

I know many of you reading this article can understand exactly what I’m saying. We who attend Lodge functions are working hard in our Lodges to confer degrees, mentor initiates, provide quality education not only to the initiates, but to the whole of Freemasons in attendance.

We have been a member of historical significance since time immemorial and we will continue to exist no matter what…!  But will we exist as a group of WELL-INFORMED MASONS?  Our teachings are performed in the ancient manner of allegories, signs and symbols… it’s a beautiful system of Morals to reflect upon. 

Our esoteric meanings drive the mystery schools that attract so many young men into our fold now.  Proof that we have something that others seek, but few achieve.

I can recommend two books for our Lodge officers and members to read with academic scrutiny and scholarly intent and I’m sure, if properly implemented, will continue the growth of their membership and participation in their meetings and events.

  1. Millennial Apprentices: The Next Revolution in Freemasonry by Samuel Friedman
  2. The Seven Habits of Highly Successful Lodges, by Tony Howard with a foreword written by Sir David Wootton, Deputy Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of England.

I strongly recommend that the Officers of each Lodge in New Mexico read these books, take notes, try different suggestions, and above all pass them along to other officers coming into the chairs.  Ensure the mystery of our craft exists in your Lodge. 

Try to evolve your business meetings to be accomplished as efficiently as possible.  See if innovative ways to cut down the discussions of bills and other mundane activities can be accomplished.  Afterall, the Officers are elected to manage the Lodge.   Post your minutes for all to read and above all communicate, communicate, communicate.  Critical to the success of the Lodge is to bring in a higher quality of education topics to spark your younger Masons and inform your older ones. 

In closing, I’ll simply say that if you have a current dues card, you have a moral obligation to your brothers to attend Lodge, to participate on the ritual teams, and to provide mentorship to all Masons, not just the initiates.  The only way you can do that is to become a well-informed Mason so for GOD’s sake come to Lodge and Meet on the LEVEL, Act by the PLUMB, and Part on The Square, as I will now leave you in the hands of these Masonic friends who will treat you with the highest regard no matter of race, color, or religion! 

I’ll see you at Lodge!

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