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Why Masonic Lodges should embrace Facebook.

By: Burx Norrod
Sandoval Lodge No. 76

Burx Norrod

In the digital age, where connections are made with the click of a button and information travels at the speed of light, Masonic Lodges find themselves at a crossroads. Traditional secrecy and privacy are essential tenets of Masonic principles, but the time has come for Lodges to embrace the benefits of modern technology. One way to bridge the gap between traditional and contemporary communication is by establishing a Facebook presence. Here are a few reasons why Masonic Lodges should consider creating a Facebook page:

Foster Community Engagement: Masonic Lodges play a vital role in fostering a sense of community among their members. A Facebook page provides a platform for Lodges to extend their reach beyond the physical meeting space. Members can share updates, events, and accomplishments, creating a virtual space that enhances the bonds of brotherhood.

Transparent Communication: Transparency is crucial in building trust and dispelling misconceptions. A Facebook page allows Masonic Lodges to communicate openly with their members and the broader community. Regular updates, event announcements, and educational content can demystify the fraternity, ensuring that accurate information is readily available.

Sandoval Lodge Facebook Page

Promote Educational Initiatives: Masonry places a strong emphasis on education and personal development. A Facebook page serves as an excellent tool to share educational content, articles, and resources related to Masonic philosophy and history. This not only benefits members but also educates the public about the positive impact of Masonry on individuals and society.

Recruitment and Visibility: Attracting new members is essential for the continued growth and vibrancy of Masonic Lodges. A Facebook page provides a platform to showcase the Lodge’s values, activities, and contributions to the community. Potential candidates can learn more about the fraternity and its principles, making the decision to join more informed.

Event Promotion and Coordination: Masonic Lodges host various events, from charitable activities to educational seminars. A Facebook page streamlines the process of promoting these events and facilitates easy coordination among members. Event pages, RSVP features, and post-event discussions contribute to a more organized and engaging experience.

Historical Preservation: Masonic Lodges have rich histories, often dating back centuries. A Facebook page can serve as a digital archive, preserving the Lodge’s historical milestones, photographs, and stories. This not only honors the past but also helps connect current members with the traditions that form the foundation of the fraternity.

Global Connection: Freemasonry is a global brotherhood, and a Facebook page allows Lodges to connect with other Lodges around the world. Sharing experiences, collaborating on projects, and fostering international relationships can enrich the Masonic experience for members and contribute to a global sense of unity.

While Masonic Lodges hold onto their timeless traditions, embracing technology, particularly through a Facebook page, can enhance the fraternity’s impact and relevance in the 21st century. By leveraging the power of social media, Lodges can strengthen their sense of community, communicate transparently, and contribute to the positive image and understanding of Freemasonry in the modern world.

Please visit Sandoval Lodge’s recently created Facebook page at  and ‘like’, ‘follow’, and comment. We will do the same in return.

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