Those Moments

By: Stephen Balke

Help us to preserve our journeys and work! And, let others know about your work!

If you enjoyed the stories about the celebrations of service, please make sure that you share those from your Lodge! (or Chapter, Council, Assembly, etc.) These are inspiring for all of us and let our younger Masons and Family know a little about the contributions made by individuals and the work done by our organizations!


When I was Worshipful Master – I had a GREAT idea! A “Masters’ Master Mason Degree” – get all of the Stations and Places filled by sitting Masters of Lodges in the area. It went WELL! It was a fun time at an outdoor degree, and I thought I had done something new and unique… I found an previous issue of the NM Freemason that showed me that one of the Past Masters of my Lodge had done the same EXACT thing when he was Master. You may know him, it was Jimmie Berkey, PGM 2006.


This didn’t take away from the day, the idea, or the impact; it just gives us another reason to keep sharing our stories, ideas, and work. This was a great example of what I should have already known I could do. A year later, the ante was upped by Adam Hathaway, PGM 2018, when he was Master of Sandia Mountain Lodge – he did a Past GRAND Masters’ Master Mason Degree…


On your current work – did you catch the Sandia Mountain Lodge Raffle? Wow! What a great idea!


Recently, I have been going to degrees at other Lodges as well – I had an EA that saw great lectures by Greg Stihel of Edgewood Lodge No. 82, Bert Dalton of Montezuma Lodge No. 1, and Keith MacRae of Temple Lodge No. 6. Each time a little different and each time, it got him more invested – what an opportunity! But if I didn’t know…


We look forward to helping you to share all the things you’re doing to help Masonry and your Lodge or group grow!

Stephen Balke Editor

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