January 2024

The New Mexico Freemason

January 2024

Download the PDF for printing and distribution (click here) New Mexico Freemason January 2024 ∴ Volume 2023 ∴ Issue 10 In this issue:   Monitoring the Work Reflections of the Junior Grand Deacon Pleyel’s Hymn Memorization Mechanics 2024 Announcement Prudent and Prosperous in 2024 It was … A Memorable Event The Mystery of Memory The […]

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Scott Jaquith

Memorization Mechanics

Memorization Mechanics “…time, patience, and perseverance accomplish all things” By: Scott Jaquith District Deputy Grand Lecturer District 2 It recently occurred to me that memorization, and the mental act of memorizing the written word, and then reciting Masonic ritual verbatim to our candidates is something that we speak about often as one of the more

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Grand Lodge Save the Date

2024 Announcement

2024 Announcement Registration is LIVE for the Annual Communication! By: Annual Communication Committee Hear Ye, Hear Ye, Here Ye- All the details regarding the 2024 Annual Communication of the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of New Mexico have been released! Please check your emails, NM Freemasons Facebook page, Grand Lodge of New Mexico webpage and each

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