The York Rite Leadership Program

With roots as far back as 2008, this program has developed into a premier executive leadership training program. Our current courses consist of three bodies of knowledge, each of which is the basis of two courses, one based upon theory appropriate for online delivery, and one to practice applying the principles when in person.

Personal Effectiveness

  • Learn to self-assess your leadership abilities to know where to focus your skill development.
  • Learn how a leader impacts and is seen by the individual.
  • Learn the skills of understanding the individual and creating a real bond where leadership can flourish.

Group Dynamics

  • Take what you learned in Personal Effectiveness and apply those skills to the group.
  • Learn how to assess the characteristics of your members and combine those personalities into teams that execute efficiently and effectively.

Influential Communication

  • Become a conscious creator of your experience, responsible for your results.
  • Learn how the human mind processes language, where misunderstanding comes from, and how to avoid it.
  • Become a powerful communicator, so you can better share the vision of your organization and accomplish the mission.

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York Rite Leadership Program

Our Mission

Create and deliver leadership excellence to benefit Freemasonry.

Our Vision

We believe that any problem in our fraternity can be solved with effective leadership. The York Rite Leadership organization is a Center of Excellence that delivers executive-class leadership training and coaching to all Masonic Family leaders wherever dispersed. Using the philosophy of ‘continuous improvement,’ we develop, refine, and deliver our services when requested with a team of committed trainers and coaches who practice leadership skills with the heart of a Mason.


Our Core Values

  • Purposeful Learning
  • Intentional Communication
  • Effective Leadership
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